Press release

Press release to be published now November 28, 2004   

Nomination of “Walking on Sunset”

Press notes Arthom Films Ltd.

This is what the Press wrote about George W. Arnhoff after the premiere screening of “Walking On Sunset” in December 2002 at the “Film Casino”, Vienna/Austria


"A revue-like metaphors filmed essay where geography and feelings convincing growing together."           

 CityMagazin, Vienna/Austria


"A film essay about Megapolis and its people worth seeing."

 Falter, Vienna/Austria


"A poetical arthouse film which combines the Californian deserts with the shores of the Pacific Ocean by exposing stunning characters."

 Neue Kronen Zeitung, Vienna/Austria


"An unusual but stand out film opposite the genres. A story about the Sunset Boulevard and its population."

 Die Presse,Vienna/Austria